UPDATE: Man who jumped into river to evade law enforcement pleads guilty

(ABC 6 News) — A man accused of fleeing law enforcement into the Zumbro river in May pleaded guilty in four Olmsted County court cases Tuesday, June 20.

Frankie Hanson, 47, pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree domestic assault dating back to April, obstructing the legal process dating back to his Zumbro River flight and violating a Domestic Abuse No-Contact Order in May, 4th-degree driving while intoxicated dating back to June of 2022.

A charge of 1st-degree domestic assault and an additional charge of 4th-degree DWI would be dismissed as part of Hanson’s plea agreement.

Hanson’s next court appearance has not been scheduled.


(ABC 6 News) – UPDATE: A man law enforcement pulled out of the Zumbro river Friday faces new charges.

Monday, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office said deputies had gone to Oronoco’s self-storage units on Minnesota Avenue South after hearing Frankie Hanson, wanted on two misdemeanor warrants, was in the area.

Olmsted County Sheriff Kevin Torgerson said that Hanson violated his GPS monitoring, got a DWI, and violated a no-contact order for domestic assault.

Hanson allegedly ran away from deputies and into the river, turning around periodically to “flick off” his pursuers until they intercepted him and took him into custody.

According to court documents filed Monday, Hanson has allegedly violently resisted arrests four times in the last nine months.

Deputies claim Hanson threatened to throw rocks at law enforcement, and that they sprayed him with pepper spray, then used “less-lethal” shotgun munition to hit him in the arm before taking Hanson into custody.

Hanson appeared in Olmsted County Court Monday on a single new charge of obstructing the legal process.


(ABC 6 News) – The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) arrested a man wanted on an outstanding warrant after the suspect fled on foot and jumped into the Zumbro River to escape police.

According to an OCSO deputy, a tip came in around 9:45 a.m. Friday about a suspect wanted on a warrant in the Oronoco area.

OCSO said the tip mentioned the suspect, 47-year-old Frankie Hanson was in the area of the 600 block of River Park Pl. SE, and that he fled on foot.

Neighbors say Hanson was running through their backyards, officers chasing him with their guns drawn, before Hanson eventually jumped into the Zumbro river.

Responding officers did a 3-mile track and located the man in the Zumbro River, followed him, and eventually took him into custody without incident around 11:15 a.m.

“People were confused about squad cars coming through a yard or I think they had an ATV out too, but when people hear the helicopter there are neighbors that started saying hey hunker down which was probably smart too but the police were cool calm and collected abut it,” said Joshua Halverson.

Olmsted County Sheriff Kevin Torgerson says Hanson violated his GPS monitoring, got a DWI, and violated a no-contact order for domestic assault.

Hanson never showed up for his court hearings.

Responding officers from the OCSO were assisted by the Minnesota State Patrol and the Minnesota State Aviation Unit helped with air support.

OSCO said this is an ongoing investigation and more information is expected to be released after the Memorial Day holiday.