Lowertown festival unites neighbors

(ABC 6 News) – A life changing tornado touched down in Rochester on August 21, 1883.

It not only jumpstarted the birth of Mayo Clinic, but for Lowertown they rebuilt and remember this day as it gave them hope to move forward.

Last year, mayor Kim Norton proclaimed the week of August 21st as ‘Spirit of Lowertown week.’

People were welcome to various activities like face painting, drum circles, and even a dunk tank.

“That’s what we’re talking about here in Lowertown is having the spirit of the neighborhood where we come together, work hard, and build something wonderful,” Lowertown community communications chair Laura Zastrow said.

That wasn’t all they had to offer, Rochester community education also had their class fair just outside the Northrup education center.

They saw this as a great opportunity to work together.

“When we were going to be planning a class fair, and we also knew Lowertown were planning their event, we said let’s just combine forces, help promote each other,” community education program coordinator Ivan Idso said.

Both parties saw the collaboration as a success.

The community was able to partake in the activities at Lowertown fest and check out what classes, community education had to offer.

The festival embodied the progress that was made to rebuild Lowertown after the tornado.

“Just really wanted to put on a festival to celebrate our neighborhood to come together as a community, and kind of offer something unique that Rochester doesn’t normally see, just to kind of come out and hopefully unite neighbors,” Zastrow said.

They hope to keep the spirit of Lowertown alive by hosting this every year.