Rochester girl with autism dreams of becoming a police officer

(ABC 6 News) – A little girl from Rochester with autism has big dreams of becoming a police officer when she grows up. But Lilian Weaver is already doing her part to keep the community safe.

“Because they catch bad guys and I want to catch bad guys,” said Lilian Weaver.

When Lilian told her mom Liz that she wanted to be a police officer, she was in full support. “I don’t know if she learned it from school or what, but she came home and said she wanted to be a police officer. So I said, ‘ok’ and we went out and got her an outfit and a police car and she has all the time dresses up as a police officer and wants to take her car outside, and then she got the idea to stand at the corner and tell people to stop she just really enjoys it,” said Liz.

Lilian says she loves the police K-9s and wants to work for the Rochester Police Department someday.