Possabilities gives everyone the chance to experience prom

It was a magical day under the sea as Possabilities hosted their second annual prom.

The prom gives some a chance to have the experience some of them may have missed in high school.

The event started with a grand march along with guests, refreshments and, of course, dancing.

“It’s important for them because it’s a moment for them they got to picked the theme out they got to help decorate they got to ask their friends if they wanted to be their date and it just gives them an opportunity to do things other community members have done,” Possabilities Life Enrichment Program Director Sarah Storandt said.

Cassandra Hart is blind and has autism, but on Friday she was simply a princess at prom.

She says it feels great to be able to attend the event and going to prom is simply magical.

“It feels great you know every year doing prom it’s just magical I mean there’s something about it that it’s hard to describe but it’s just so magical and just an amazing day and I look forward to it every year,” Hart said.

Some of this year’s attendees included members of the the Rochester Police and Fire Departments as well as parents, friends and family.