Haunted Mantorville: The Mantorville Opera House

Haunted Mantorville: The Mantorville Opera House

For more than 100 years, the Mantorville Opera House has been a lot of things including a roller skating rink and a theatre. With people coming and going for decades, perhaps some people never left.

(ABC 6 News) – The Mantorville Opera House has been around for more than 100 years. While not every building as old as this one might be haunted, paranormal investigators say differently about the opera house.

Dr. Hawk Horvath, Founder and Lead Investigator at After Hours Paranormal Investigations has been ghost hunting for more than 15 years and has investigated the opera house more than 45 times.

“We’ve had experiences on a couple of occasions when we’re sitting in the main theatre and it just feels like they come out and float around us. Nothing threatening,” said Horvath.

“They said they could hear somebody coming up and down. There’s stairs that go up to the dressing rooms behind the stage. They named her ‘Ellen,'” shared Jane Olive, President of the Mantorville Restoration Association.

Olive has had her own encounters with Ellen. She used perform in the theater.

“I had this pair of boots. I went upstairs to get them after the run of the play was over and they were gone! Six months later, I went back upstairs and there they were, in the same spot I’d left them. But they weren’t there before.”

Maybe it was Ellen? Or perhaps one of at least two other spirits Horvath says are at the opera house: Robert, a piano player, and Harold who likes to linger in the basement.

“I don’t go into the basement unless there’s somebody else here. It’s just not ok,” added Olive.

Olive might not voluntarily venture down there but the American Paranormal Investigative (API) Team just did as part of a new show they’re filming. They brought in guest investigators who don’t know much about Mantorville. James Sickles, Lead Investigator with API couldn’t give away much about what they found.

“Our guest did appear to interact with someone who appeared to be a little girl.”

The little girl matches up with historic records that say a family lived on this property.

“There are other interactions that took place. But I think it’s the most compelling one since it lines up with historical information.”

When I visited, it was only right I did some of my own ghost hunting. A REM Pod, a device that detects energy disruptions went off several times. In other words – It senses if someone or something on the other side might be lingering.

Because of legal negotiations, API couldn’t say much more about their show, or even give a title. We should be able to see their findings sometime next year.