Floyd County girl puts a twist on corn growing competition

(ABC 6 News) – Things don’t always work out. It’s something Grace Kendall of Charles City knows all too well.

Grace took part in a corn growing competition organized by the Floyd County Fair. But, things didn’t quite go as planned. Her corn crop ended up dying before the competition took place. So she decided to put a twist on things, and roll with the punches.

Grace created a small headstone as well as an obituary for her crop, Cornelius “Corny” Kendall. That’s where we learn the story of Corny. Grace wrote “Corny lived an a-maize-ing life. He put down roots in the military where he advanced to be a kernel”.

Grace’s parents tell us it’s a good lesson in seeing how things don’t always “grow” as planned. Plus, there’s always next year!

You can read Grace’s heartfelt tribute to Corny below: