Family Service Rochester to lose major contract at the end of the year

(ABC 6 News) – Olmsted County will let its contract with Family Service Rochester for targeted case management services expire at the end of the year.

The county will transition child welfare and child mental health services to Olmsted County Child and Family Services.

“We’re estimating right now that this will save the county between $200,00 and $400,00 on an annual basis,” said Travis Gransee, Olmsted County Deputy County Administrator.

The contract was a major source of funding for FSR, which helped cover operational costs for many of their other programs. Losing this contract will cost the non-profit $3.4 million.

“In many ways, it’s the engine that allows us to thrive because, in comparison to many of our other funding sources, it’s stable, or has been stable and consistent,” said Scott Maloney, Executive Director of Family Service Rochester.

The lost funding will force FSR to cut back some of its programs and increase the cost to consumers, like mental health services and Meals on Wheels.

“It seems like a very short-sighted decision. A decision that was made without fully assessing the consequences, both to Family Service Rochester and the community, and for that I’m disappointed,” said Maloney.

FSR is planning to lay off some of its staff, but many of the case managers are expected to apply for the new openings with the county.

“For a lot of the families and children that are receiving services they’ll likely end up with their same case manager,” said Gransee.

FSR is working with the county to make sure it is a smooth transition for families.

“Family Service Rochester has been a great partner with us all through the years and they’re being a great partner with us as we make this change,” said Gransee.

Family Service Rochester will continue providing other services to the county, such as senior independence and mental health services.

They are looking for new grant opportunities and service contracts to make up for the funding they will soon lose.