Construction complete on Stewartville skate park after a two year process

(ABC 6 News) – It is a celebration that has long been in the making. Parents and community members can rejoice and drop-in to this new skate park in Stewartville!

The idea started with kids. They worked hard to get things started by raising $20,000. Jesse Mayzlik has two sons involved in the project. “They were doing fundraisers at pizza ranch and the legion and other places in town.”

Public safety also played a role, said Mayzlik, “In order for them to not be a nuisance to the city and for safety reasons mostly, that’s why they started the petition.”

The Stewartville skate park was the only project in Minnesota to be selected as part of Lowe’s Hometown Projects.

Shane Anderson is the store manager of the Rochester Lowe’s, and he’s wanted community engagement like this since he took the position. “When I took over the store, the Rochester Lowe’s, I wanted more community involvement, and this has definitely helped in the last year.”

Mayzlik works for Lowe’s, and appreciates that the company he works for would approve this project.

Another parent of a kid involved in this project, Audrey Colligan, agrees on the idea of the skate park. “It was nice to see they were wanting to do something that was outside and that would help get the kids together.” Krystal Campbell, another parent, noticed how much the kids went out of their way to make this possible. “I was excited for the initiative the kids showed to go down to city hall and ask what it would take to get a skate park here in town.”

The fundraising and Lowe’s were a great start, but the kids needed the city to get on board, too.

“They have this idea. They’re willing to put in the effort, and they’re willing to take it all the way to the end,” said Stewartville Parks and Recreation Director Sandra Drees. “I think that’s something everyone can get behind, and everyone can get excited about.”

After it was all said and done, the project banked $92,000 to make it happen. Not only is it exciting for kids in town, it’s also better for safety.

Mayzlik noted what riding skateboards and bikes was like before the skate park was built. “Mostly just skating in the streets around town.” This is due to the lack of sidewalks in Stewartville.

Audrey Colligan recalled some kids’ destination of choice. “They would end up at other business parking lots. Sometimes it was not in the best locations.”

While there was rarely ever trouble with the kids riding in business parking lots, the skate park allows for a more central location for people to get together and eliminates any troubling situation that could take place. It also limits how much people have to travel to go to a skatepark. Both Colligan and Campbell have had to drive to Rochester several times.

In addition to skateboards, the park is also friendly for bikes and scooters.

“They’ve been ecstatic about it. They’ve been down here everyday,” said Mayzlik. He also noted how when they are not on the skate park during construction, they are sitting at the top of the hill anticipating its completion.

Parents of local skateboarders are stoked and thankful for everyone involved. Construction was completed on Monday, and the park has been open for a little while. Although, an official grand opening is set for Spring 2024.

If you want more information on the Stewartville Skate Park, you can find out more here.