CLASS Car Club hosts its 39th annual car show

(ABC 6 News) – The Clear Lake Auto Social Society is holding its 39th car cruise and show.

The annual event started off as usual with a car caravan Friday afternoon.

Spectators along the road got to watch 700 classic cars take a drive from Clear Lake High School to the Surf Ballroom in downtown.

The event sees anywhere from 25,000 to 30,000 people come out each year from all over Iowa, Minnesota and beyond.

“We give an award to the car that traveled the distance the furthest, and that car was from Phoenix, Arizona last year,” said Dave Fritz, President of CLASS. “He’s here again, we’ll see if somebody else beats him out.”

Though members of the club are too busy working the event to show off their own cars, they all have their own classics that are meaningful to them.

“Right now I have my grandparent’s ’56 Dodge that I inherited from them. It’s not really a show car but it’s real nostalgic, and there aren’t many ’56 Dodges around, even in the U.S,” said Fritz.

On Saturday there will be around 650 cars downtown participating in the car show for people to come and see them up close.

The biggest attraction catching attention this year is a replica of the iconic yellow ford from the movie American Graffiti.