Claremont recovers after severe weather

(ABC 6 News)- People in Claremont, Minn. are recovering from a severe weather that hit the town.

The local grain elevator was completely caved in on one side and trees had fallen due to the strong winds during the storm.

“Then I heard a crack, and April had looked out back and said ‘uh oh I think we got a tree down,’ and I looked out back and I just noticed this had came down and landed on our garage and neighbor’s garage and crushed the back shed,” said Claremont resident, John Montoya.

The storm also caused the power to go out during the night but most of it was restored by 3 a.m. Saturday morning.

Some residents however, are still waiting for the power to come back because of issues with some power lines.

“There’s a ground wire broke, I guess, so it could be, they say it shouldn’t be, but if it breaks it could be live, so just stay away from the tree till they get out here to take care of it,” said Montoya.

The full extent of the damage will not be known until an assessor can take a look at it.