Big Springs Farm premieres 10-acre Emoji-themed corn maze for its 3rd year

(ABC 6 News) – Nothing says fall like pumpkins and a corn maze. At Big Springs Farm in Lanesboro, you could say they are taking things to the extreme.

This year, emoji-themed corn mazes rose from the dirt, with one stretching over 10 acres. That’s about a four-and-a-half mile walk. But don’t forget about the animals, corn pit and, of course, the pumpkins.

“It means so much. We have kids, we got some young children as well. We know how important those minutes, and hours, and days can be to spend with kids. Because it goes away in a blank, So to see them laughing and having fun,” said Pamela Brown, one of the Owners of Big Springs Farm.

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It’s not just about the fun but about teaching others the importance of farming.

“We really want to try to promote people’s connection to modern agriculture,” added Justin Brown, the other owner of Big Springs Farm.

“I think a lot of the connection people have to AG, is maybe based on the past, or hobby farm, or shows, State Fair type of thing. But, a connection to a modern, real-working farm is maybe a little hard to come by these days.”

If you’re hungry, there’s the Queen’s Apple. Essentially an apple sundae but it has ingredients from local orchards as does the apple cider slushy.

The farm is open for extended hours because of MEA, or Minnesota Education Association, weekend. For more details on hours and times, you can click here.