Big changes coming, rain chances and colder weather

(ABC 6 News) – After an overwhelmingly dry summer, rain has been much easier to come by for the start of fall. One person who enjoys the extra rain is Landscaping Designer at The Plant Shack at DeCook Landscaping is Brandon Delaney, stating “This is actually working out perfect.”

For Delaney, the rain is very helpful in providing moisture for plants and flowers.

In addition, any rainfall we get before the frost arrives helps soil for farmers next year. According to Delaney, “It’s going to help them insulate for that first frost.”

Not everyone is looking forward to the colder weather. One of those people is Becca Jones. She used to live in Rochester and was visiting town. “I like the 60-to-70-degree weather. Although, I will say, the cooler weather is nicer for sweatshirts.” Summer is her favorite season, but fall is in second for her.

Not everyone is spooked by it. Birdwatching enthusiast Grant Daechsel is one of those people, especially after how hot this summer (and start of fall) was. “I’m normally more of a summer person, but this summer was so relentless that IS am looking forward to the dreary, colder weather.”

Big Weather Changes Coming To Southeast Minnesota

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Rain this week will create rain-cooled air. Normally, too much rainfall can result in muted fall colors; Because we came into fall with such significant drought conditions and extreme heat, however, the recent rainfall has only helped keep us cooler. Although, any leaves already on the ground will see more muted colors since they are disconnected from trees that help provide them nutrients.

Despite Jones preferring summer, Jones still enjoys fall a lot. “I just love Minnesota in the fall. I love the weather. I love the colors. Just the change in season. I love it.”

With colder weather this weekend, leaves should continue to fall going forward.