Temps struggle to the end of the week

After a dash of showers, the tail end of this activity has a cold front pass through. That passage occurs around sunrise on Thursday. The wind turns north and at times will gust to 25 mph. This ushers in the cool air from across the international border. Temperatures struggle on Thursday. Any temperature rises will be limited to just a couple degrees. Highs will stand firm in the mid 50s before falling colder that night.

Thursday night and Friday night will have the potential for sub-freezing temperatures. How much so will depend on the overall setup going into each night. For now, we have a frost being likely and a light freeze being possible. The potential for a hard freeze is there if we can get a silent wind and completely clear sky overhead.

By day, Friday marks the coldest in the upcoming week. Highs should hover in the upper 40s to about 50°, a sharp fall from the 70s in preceding days.