Summer heat, low air quality through Friday

Still not much change until this weekend, when a front pushes through the region to offer up some much-needed shower and thunderstorm activity. Until Saturday, we’re in for more summer heat, highs nearing 90 degrees, and little to no chance of rain. There may be an isolated thunderstorm pop up late Friday, but the possibility is barely worth a mention. So why mention it? Anyone who happens to find themselves under a lonely shower or thunderstorm this time of year could be in a brief but heavy downpour… enough to make you grumpy at the weatherperson if they hadn’t mentioned it.

This weekend’s chance for thunderstorms is the best opportunity for rain we’ve seen since the middle of May. It won’t lift us out of drought conditions, but it will definitely be helpful for many in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. With thunderstorms moving through the region Saturday, some of those may be severe, which is pretty typical with stormy weather this time of year. The primary concern will be for strong wind and hail. It’s something we’ll keep a close eye on into the weekend and will certainly keep you updated on as the weather picture becomes clearer. Stay cool and drink plenty of water!