Snow Showers Soon Arrive

Enjoy the sun and calmer weather while it lasts. While we don’t have anything major on our way, we do have a couple rounds of rain and snow coming through this weekend.

Our first round comes very early Saturday afternoon, with the timeframe being 12-3 PM. Accumulations will be very minor, under an inch of snowfall for everybody.

Our second round is trending to be more of a rain/snow mix. This would be late Sunday afternoon through Monday morning. As of right now, we are more likely to get more rain than snow out of this due to the warmer air that will be transported our way through the first half of the day Sunday. Snow will be a much bigger concern north of us, and even north of the Twin Cities. That being said, we could still see snowfall around 2″ on the high end in southern Minnesota.

Some areas of fog are expected early Saturday morning. Highs are still in the 30s for most going forward and also reaching 40°F over the next couple days in select communities in northern Iowa.