Rain returns Wednesday

Rain is back in play on Wednesday. It’ll actually extend through Thursday and into Friday too. For now we’ll start on Wednesday with the breakdown. Showers and a few easy rumblers are possible on Wednesday morning as you’re getting out the door. While still damp with the possibility of a shower or two, the middle of the day sees a bit of a lull.

The evening is where we’ll watch for another round of rain. Showers and t-storms are possible. All eyes are on a warm front. This will dictate if we see a strong storm enter the region or not. Right now, that front should hold up off our southern edge and keep the bulk of any severe t-storm threat down to our southwest. The question would be if one could sustain itself into the colder sector of air. Should we see a rogue strong storm, hail and wind would be the threat. Look for this activity after 6 PM.