Possibly the last 50-degree day of the year

On Sunday, we had yet another mild day. Highs got to nearly 60°F for all communities in southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa. Although, it is about this time of year where we have our last 50-degree day within a calendar year.

When taking the average of every year on record at Rochester Int’l Airport, our last 50-degree day, on average, is November 23rd. Although, there has been a lot more variety in recent years.

Back in 2019, the last 50-degree day came on October 26th. This is the earliest day within a calendar we said goodbye to the 50s. This also happened in 1943.

December 15th is not even the latest 50-degree day we have had on record (it is the latest 60-degree day though). The honor goes to December 30th, back in 1890!!