Dangerous Heat Continues Today

We are going to continue the excessive heat & humidity Wednesday, with high temperatures soaring well into the upper 90s. The humidity will be extremely high as well, elevating our heat index values (feel-like temperatures) into the triple digits, ranging from 105-115° at times once again today.

Heat like this can be dangerous, possibly life-threatening even, if the appropriate precautions are not taken. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and/or fluids that are higher in electrolytes. Limit your time outside, if you can, as well. If you have to be outside, especially those working, be sure to take very frequent water & cool-down breaks in the shade or AC. Limit the time outside for your children and pets as well. Be sure to check in on your elderly relatives and/or neighbors when it gets this hot. And lastly, ***NEVER*** leave a pet or person unattended in a vehicle for any length of time!

The heat & humidity will continue through Thursday as well, keeping our string of ALERT DAYS up Wednesday & now Thursday also. A weak system will glide through on Friday, switching the wind out of the N/NW for the weekend.

A few more clouds are expected Friday, along with a sprinkle or two. Don’t expect much, if any rainfall with this area of low pressure. The bigger story with it, will be the extremely comfortable air moving in from the north for the weekend, with highs back down into the middle 70s! Along with very low humidity!