Cool mornings and not a ton of clouds

Clouds clearing out earlier in the day Sunday allowed all of us to warm up just a little more. Skies remain mostly clear overnight. Thus, temperatures will still cool off into the mid to upper-30s. Don’t be surprised to see some frost on the Monday morning commute.

Tuesday and Wednesday also bring early morning cold in the 30s. Winds will pick up a little more than what we have been having on Sunday, so that will make the wind chill drop closer to the freezing point.

Thursday and Friday remain our best chances for rain this week. A slow-moving system will pass through. Strong to severe storms are possible these days south of us in states such as Kansas and Missouri, but locally we will be getting showers.

Highs are in the 50s basically all week. A few of us could see some low-60s on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not all of us get that warm during the afternoon.