Chilliest air of the season expected this weekend

It was just a few days ago that temperatures were in the 80s and 90s thanks to a late summer warm spell. Now, the pendulum is swinging hard the other way as the chilliest air of the early fall season will be in place through the upcoming weekend.

A strong cold front will sweep through on Friday leading to the chance of some scattered showers. Behind it, winds will be brisk with gusts of 30-35 mph at times. Also, colder air from Canada will surge southward and remain in place through the weekend.

High temperatures on Saturday will be in the low 50s with mid-to-upper 50s expected on Sunday. Skies will generally be partly to mostly sunny. Winds will also be fairly light compared to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday night lows will drop into the 30s which may lead to some frost especially by Sunday morning.