A dash of snow, wind and cold

It’s damp and warm. These two factors will work against snow from accumulating this evening. Some will on our northwestern edge, but most will not see it. We’ll look for any accumulation to stay less than 1″. The intensity and timeframe we see snow will both be small. All and all, it doesn’t look like a scenario to bring widespread impacts. We’ve removed the Alert Day.

Temperatures tumble sharply into Friday. A strong wind from the north will bring 30-40 mph wind gusts. One thing to watch will be wet ground freezing up during the drop. This will lead to a couple slippery spots on lesser traveled roads for Thursday night. Temps fall back to the teens and hold there much of Friday. Wind chills will be sub-zero most of the day.

After a chilly weekend, temperatures do bounce back next week. Highs push well into the 40s even near 50 in the latter stages of the week. We will dabble in some more rain with some brief pops of light snow in the colder periods.