Zimmer on team visit with Osterholm: ‘I thought it went well’

(KSTP) – Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said he thought a recent team visit with Dr. Michael Osterholm, a top infectious disease expert, "went well."

Monday during a news conference, Zimmer said Osterholm, the director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, visited with the team as players continue with preseason.

"I thought he was very good with his points, he answered a lot of questions," Zimmer said. "It was great to meet him. He understands the importance of when people look up to our football players, especially now with all this … delta variant, how it’s affecting younger people all over the world."

Zimmer has previously expressed his frustrations with the vaccination rate on the team.

Additionally, from ownership on down, the organization has been pushing hard not only to improve the team’s lagging vaccination rate but communicate as a public service to the general population the benefit, safety and urgency of getting the shots. As part of that effort, the Vikings partnered with state officials to host walk-up vaccination sites prior to preseason games at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Zimmer said he hopes the team’s visit with Osterholm helped to answer remaining questions related to COVID-19 and the vaccine.

"I thought he did a terrific job, and you know hopefully it helps," Zimmer said. "I care about these players and I care about their families and so that’s my main reason, you know. If they miss a game because they get COVID so be it, but I don’t want them to get sick and I don’t want their families to get sick, and their kids to get sick, or my grandkids to get sick