Rochester piloting a deer hunt this fall

(ABC 6 News) – Rochester Parks and Recreation is partnering with the Rochester Archery Club for a pilot program aimed at managing the present deer population.

Community members have reported over the years that the deer population is causing too many traffic accidents and destroying vegetation.

This archery hunt is one way that both are trying to decrease those concerns.

Michael Nigbur, the head of Rochester Parks and Forestry, explains how this will work in local locations.

"Provide that abatement of the nuisance deer in the areas, but also as a means for more safe operations as a pilot program as I said earlier on. So, they’re in more isolated areas and what’s nice about the archery club is that they’re gonna be on elevated stands, shooting downward in position. So again, from a safety perspective it’s much more safe than shooting from the ground or more horizontal." Nigbur said.

This will be the first deer hunt that Rochester is creating. Rochester parks and trails will remain open, but some areas will be blocked off with signage. Those who wish to participate must register through the archery club for bow hunting along with education qualifications and the proficiency test.