Rochester man flees sheriff’s deputy in Oronoco

(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester man fled a sheriff’s deputy to avoid disclosing that his license was revoked, according to Capt. James Schueller with the OCSO.

At about 7:45 p.m. Aug. 9, a deputy reported that he checked the license plate on a vehicle driving northbound on Highway 52, and noticed that the registration was revoked and the vehicle was marked for impoundment.

Schueller said the deputy pulled onto the highway behind the vehicle, which exited onto 100th Street into Oronoco.

However, instead of continuing onto 100th Street, the deputy reported that the driver, a white man, pulled quickly back onto Highway 52 and continued northbound in what may have been an evasive maneuver.

According to Schueller, the suspect vehicle continued at a high rate of speed — well over 100 miles per hour — and although the deputy activated lights and siren, the deputy was unable to catch up until the car exited again onto Whitebridge Road north of Oronoco.

The deputy located the car and saw it pull into a dead end just west of the intersection of White Bridge Road and White Pines Road.

According to Schueller, the deputy saw the car park between two tractors.

The driver got out, saw the deputy’s squad car with lights on behind him, and allegedly began running toward a large fence, which he attempted to climb.

The deputy reportedly caught up to 31-year-old Dylan Kaiser as he tried to scale the fence and held him at taser point until backup arrived to handcuff and arrest him.

Kaiser allegedly admitted to the officer that his driver’s license had been revoked.

Kaiser faces charged of gross misdemeanor driving after license cancellation, fleeing a peace officer on foot, reckless driving, and obstructing the legal process.