Rochester Fest Parade brings everyone together

(ABC 6 News)- The storms in the morning cleared out setting us up for a perfect Saturday at Rochester Fest. Earlier in the day there was Dachshund races, a one mile run and so much more, but the headline of today was the parade. People lined the streets here in town for one Rochester’s favorite traditions and were not disappointed. The parade started off with the color guard and the parade also featured the marching bands from the high schools here in Rochester, and of course the kids where racing to grab their favorite candy.

"I would have to go with the good old Sour Patch Kids and Starbursts," said Ben Bulau when asked what his favorite candy was.

But this event isn’t just for the kids. The parents appreciate the parade too.

"Well I’m the parent of two young kids so just seeing my kids have fun and smile is what brings joy to my heart," said Jason Handlogten father of two.

And its events like Rochester Fest that brings the whole community together.

"I think that it’s something that really gives the community a chance to come together. Something that we haven’t been able to do the past couple years so we get to be out with each other and have fun," said Handlogten.

Sunday is the last day of Rochester Fest so you still have one day to come out and enjoy this event and ABC 6 will be re-airing the parade in case you missed it on Monday.