Revenue up, remote care down at Mayo Clinic in 2021

(ABC6 News) — Mayo Clinic’s annual report detailed big income gains in 2021.

After relatively modest increases in previous years, Mayo Clinic reported a 14 percent jump in revenue in 2021 – up to $15.7 billion last year.
In 2019, Mayo netted $13.82 billion in revenue, and increased by 1.5 percent in 2020, for a total of $13.9 billion.
According to the clinic’s annual report, Mayo’s expenses also grew by 11 percent in 2021, due to pandemic-related expenses and increased clinical volume.
Mayo Clinic served more than 160,000 patients with COVID-19 in the past year, administered more than 500,000 COVID vaccinations, and completed more than 1.1 million COVID tests.
In total, the clinic served more than 1.4 million patients from every U.S. state and 139 countries, and was ranked No. 1 nation-wide by the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” rankings. The hospitals saw an average of 2,100 patients weekly, and occupancy averaged 92 percent – higher than in 2019.
That’s up slightly from 2020’s 1.3 million patients, from a little fewer than 130 countries.
"Our accomplishments in 2021 in patient care, research and education are a testament to the hard work and commitment of our staff," Gianrico Farrugia, Mayo Clinic’s president and CEO, said. "Mayo Clinic staff have persevered heroically through more than two years of the pandemic and provided the highest-quality care for the historic numbers of patients who have trusted us with their health care."
As in-person numbers rose, Mayo’s remote patients dwindled slightly.
The clinic provided more than 1 million virtual outpatient appointments, and enrolled 8,500 patients in remote monitoring. In 2020, Mayo provided 1.2 million remote appointments, and monitored 9,200 COVID-19 patients.
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