Racially motivated assault victim speaks out

(ABC 6 News) – Gudalupe Martinez just bought a building in Southeast Rochester. He is planning on moving his family business, Superior Cleaning Services, to the new space.

Martinez says he stopped by to renovate the building Monday, May 16, when assault suspect, 35-year-old Brady Robinson, came at him with a hammer and a lead pipe.

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Authorities say Robinson was yelling racial slurs and told Martinez to go back to his own country. ABC 6 News spoke to the victim Thursday, and his son helped to translate.

"He’s still pretty shook about it. He tries to avoid this area at night. He’s scared that [Robinson] might come back and hurt the building or hurt him," Gerson Martinez, Guadalupe’s son, said.

Robinson is accused of swinging the hammer at Martinez and knocking a water bottle out of his hand while threatening to smash his head in.

Martinez was able to get inside his car to safety. Police arrested Robinson the next morning, who is now facing assault charges.

"He’s building a toy set, like a playground set for one of his grandkids and he thought he wasn’t going to be able to finish it for her," Gerson translated.

Martinez said he is nervous to come back to work now, as Robinson lives right across the street. He’s concerned for the safety of his family and his employees.

Brady Robinson faces charges of felony 2nd-degree assault with a deadly weapon, 4th-degree assault – racial bias motivated, and 5th-degree assault.