Noser moves on in Rochester mayoral race

(ABC 6 News) – The results of the Rochester mayoral election rolled in until early Wednesday morning.

Incumbent Kim Norton and challenger Britt Noser will move on to the November general election. Noser says he’s excited and ready to run against Norton in November.

The two topped the other two candidates Brad Trahan, and Dean Koutsoukos in in the primary. Noser was born and raised in Rochester. He’s worked as a high school teacher, apartment manager, and in real estate.

Some of his priorities in office would be public safety, uniting city government to be less partisan, and affordable housing.

For the next few months, Noser says he wants to build a more traditional campaign, but he says he’s very thankful for his grassroots support.

"Being somebody who is just totally new to this kind of thing it’s been a very interesting experience. It’s just an interesting thing to be a part of this process, this democratic process of just a citizen saying hey I’m gonna run for office," Noser said.

ABC 6 News caught up with Kim Norton late Tuesday night about the primary results. She said she’s thankful to voters in Rochester for choosing her again and she hopes to continue the work she started this term.

Noser says he will be planning a public party for all his volunteers and supporters to come out and celebrate.. But for now, there aren’t any concrete plans yet.