Mayo Clinic patient receives message of hope

(ABC 6 News) – This week, a cancer patient at Mayo Clinic is feeling rejuvenated.

She received a message unlike any other, from a stranger, and it’s one she’ll never forget.

It was a normal day for Kate-Madonna Hindes. She pulled into the Damon Ramp for a follow-up appointment for her breast cancer.

And when she pulled into a parking spot, she noticed something different.

A message of hope was written on the window. It reads… "I love you, you got this!"

"It was really uplifting and powerful, it set my intention for the day, that no matter what happened I can get through it," Hindes said.

And this message wasn’t just here.

"Somebody had taken the time to make their finger dirty and write on all the windows of the parking garage. I put my car in park and just broke down because I thought it was so kind," Hindes said.

After Kate saw the writing, she took to Twitter saying, "You can’t write messages of love and support on clean glass. And whoever wrote these, used the dirt for good. And one parking spot out of hundreds was for me," Hindes said. "On my drive down, I’m searching for certainty, and when I pulled in there was this crazy certainty that was given as a gift. Somebody out there thought I was good enough to say that I was going to be okay and that I could do it."

"Is there anything that you would like to tell that person that wrote that message to you?"

"I would tell them that, and I mean this, it set off a cadence of steps that have changed my life in a good way. It brought me hope in a time when I felt hopeless. When I pulled out, I really hope somebody pulled out I really hope that somebody else pulled in and saw that message too and it brightened their life as much as it brightened mine," Hindes said.

And Kate’s big takeaway from this is a moment of kindness can go a long way.

"We all have the power to change someone else’s day and to bring our better selves forward because that’s what makes everything worth it," Hindes said.

And it does! Even in these tough times, being good to one another can go a long way.