Mayo Clinic on Children’s Mental Health during Covid-19

(ABC 6 News) – Mayo clinic says children have been impacted at their most critical time of growth during this pandemic.

That can be because of a number of factors like changes in their learning environment and their ability to socialize.

"Just in 2021 we saw a greater than 30% increase in mental health presentations. And those kids that are coming in are sicker than they used to be, they are more suicidal… more aggressive with some of their behaviors… higher rates of substance abuse." says Dr. Janice Schreier, Behavioral Health, Psychiatry & Psychology, Mayo Clinic Health System

Mayo Clinic says it’s important for kids to remain active when they have less opportunities to socialize so they’re not just stuck at home.

Another thing to monitor is social media, while it may be a line for communication it may also have negative effects.