Mason City Veteran receives a new roof

(ABC 6 News) – A Mason City Veteran is receiving a new roof thanks to a deployment project focused on giving back to U.S. Military Veterans.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jeremy DeBattista is a Behavior Intervention Specialist with Mason City Schools. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps for several years before he was honorably discharged.

DeBattista has lived at his current home for a year and was planning on making some improvements. It was then that his sister and others who wish to remain anonymous who nominated him to get a new roof.

"It means alot to me knowing as I say, there are people out there who are willing to help other people. There are people a lot are willing to go above and beyond to nominate those people for things, like that like my sander and Young Construction and also jason krum who workjs for Young Construction kind of helped move this process with for me as well," said U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jeremy DeBattista said.

Young Construction, the company that helped with the project does a roof rescue every year for a family in need.

Because of its 20th anniversary, they decided to also give one to a veteran in need.

"We had about 50 nominations this year, which blew our minds because the veterans we know are really humble, they do it themselves, they don’t need help, they are hard workers, none of them nominated themselves they all had family who said these people are behind the scenes," said Kativa Weitzel, Marketing Director, Young Construction.

The deployment project has been around since 2016. Since then more than 275 military members have received new roofs.