Mason City School Board votes to change mascot

(ABC 6 News) – Mason City Community School district officials voted to discontinue the use of the Mohawks name and mascot.

Superintendent Dave Versteeg says this announcement will move the school away from the Mohawks name including native American images and symbols.

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Moving forward, at athletic events, teams will not be introduced as the Mohawks just Mason City. The term would also be removed from the district website.

In January, the school board would meet again to complete this transition away from the Mohawks name, and they’d have a new mascot by July first.

The Meskwaki Nation in Iowa is also calling on 66 schools throughout the state to retire their native-themed school mascots.

The Mason City Superintendent says the district will soon begin discussions towards a new mascot. A new mascot will be chosen by the end of the school year.