Local florists share how flower shortage is impacting Mother’s Day

(ABC 6 NEWS) – This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a time many head to the flower shop to treat mom with a special gift, but will you be able to find the flowers that she loves?

According to the National Retail Federation, the top three gifts for Mother’s Day are cards, special outings, or flowers.

If you plan on getting mom a bouquet or flowers to plant, local flower shops say to act now before it is too late.

"It has been a rush to just get everything prepared Mother’s Day really is the kick-off to our garden season," Flowers by Jerry Events and Marketing Manager, Lydia Patton O’Connor said.

You’ve either got that perfect gift ready for mom or not quite yet.

"I’m usually a last-second shopper because I make better decisions then," Rochester visitor, Jonathan Stewart said.

But you might have something in mind.

"Maybe a nice bottle of wine for my wife or some flowers," Stewart said.

For the flower industry, COVID has not made things weed-free in the garden.

"There has been a shortage with flowers and it started off with COVID and the farms got shut down and the greenhouses got shutdown," Owner of Flowers and More in Stewartville, Michelle Moe said.

"Ever since the start of COVID there have just been the craziest weather patterns so we do hear regularly from our growers that certain varieties aren’t available," Patton O’Connor said.

Moe has been driving to their grower in Sioux Falls every other week to keep costs low for customers.

"I cannot morally pass that cost along to my customers. For the amount of flowers we get weekly it would be almost $1,000 in shipping costs to pass that on you know you would have to equal that out to your flowers, but I can’t do that," Moe said.

Flowers by Jerry in Rochester just celebrated 55 years in business.

They are trying to stay ahead of the shortage by planting and ordering as early as they can.

If you and mom want to spend Sunday gardening or surprise her with some color for her home, florists said to get your orders in now.

"People have to set their delivery schedules and they have so many staff that they have to work with and a lot of places are short-staffed," Moe said.

Flowers by Jerry will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Mother’s Day.

"The closer that you get to the holiday the less that we can promise an exact style but we can always offer something beautiful and surprising for your mom," Patton O’Connor said.

Both Flowers and More and Flowers by Jerry offer other gifts for mom such as candles, decor, and cards.