Local Bed & Breakfast to be featured in independent film

(ABC 6 NEWS) – One Bed & Breakfast in Lanesboro is making its way to the big screen in a new independent film.

The James A. Thompson House is over 100 years old, and Marti and David Gray purchased it in 2015.

They restored the home to fit a victorian era and it recently caught the eye of a film crew in September 2021.

"The filmmaker had started in Saint Paul, and they had found a house there and so in the movie the outside of the house which they had done extensively that house is going to show up, but the inside wasn’t working for them," Proprietor of the James A. Thompson Bed & Breakfast, Marti Gray said.

That filmmaker is Nicholas Bain; he is the Director and Writer of Voice of Shadows.

The film is a horror film and it’s about a young couple who inherits an estate, and they have to follow certain stipulations, but they don’t follow them.

The main character is played by Actor Guillermo Blanco and in the film he has to go on a journey to find redemption for himself and the characters around him.

When Bain came to see the house, he knew that’s where they were going to shoot some of the film.

We loved the house so ultimately we committed on shooting there and they were super enthusiastic and really they have become like another family member," Director and Writer of Voice of Shadows, Nicholas Bain said.

"I love learning, and I love new things, and I just thought this would be fun, of course, I had no idea what that was going to look like," Marti said.

Little did David and Marti know the house would be filled with many crew members, filming would happen at all times of the day, and there were even some strange moments.

"These two guys come walking around the corner, and they square off with each other, and one of them yells well it is this old house it is making us all crazy and I’m saying oh my god we’ve got 15 more days of this," David said.

Luckily out of the days of filming, only one thing was broken.

"My art guy was like yeah I just broke a lamp and I thought oh that is no problem and I looked at the lamp and it was a 150-year-old family heirloom," Bain said.

Filming wrapped up in the fall, but the Grays said if you plan on visiting the home it is not haunted like it is in the movie.

"I loved every moment of it however unless it is nick coming back I would never let another film company in this house again," Marti said.

They are hoping to have Voice of Shadows finished by the Fall and plan on doing a showing in Lanesboro.