Fundraising for those in need

(ABC 6 News) – On Sunday afternoon, a group of people met to fundraise money for local police officers and low-income families in our area.

They’re doing this to help people in the community.

"It’s amazing. It’s a lot of fun. I think education is huge. Supporting the blue in a time like now I think that need is now more than ever important," organizer Megan Goettl said.

People in town gathered for a fun day of activities. Kids could play games, get their faces painted, and get balloons. It’s all for a good cause.

"We see everything that’s going on, we support them and people do care," Goettl said.

Megan is no stranger to helping people.

She is the founder of the Rochester Clothing Exchange. She used to work out of her home in Stewartville to give clothes to people in need and within the past year, she now has a space to call her own to help even more people, right next to the Children’s Exchange.

And this fight to help more people Megan says makes it all worth it. As the school year starts soon, she wants to make sure kids have access to what they need.

"We are going to get everything that they need off their list," Goettl said.

And for the people at the event, they say they had a good time. One woman said she heard about this event from the Rochester Clothing Exchanges Facebook page and decided to travel from Oronoco to be here.

"It’s a great event to try and raise money for people that need it. That’s why I joined the Rochester Clothing Exchange to try and give to people that need things rather than have them have to pay for things. So we came to play some games, have fun and support this," Michele Gronseth said.

And for Megan, she says she’s happy to see the community come out to support this event.

"I couldn’t do this by myself, I’m just grateful!" Goettl said.