Doctors urge Senate to enact frontline pay

(ABC 6 News) – During a meeting with Minnesota State Senators, doctors urged lawmakers to follow through on the promise of delivering checks to frontline workers.

Last session, lawmakers in both chambers agreed to those payments, but Republican Senators have since withdrawn their support.

Doctors say that frontline workers deserve that extra income due to the risks they took to keep the country operating.

"This legislation and the frontline worker pay provides help for workers who got sick and had to take time away from work and who lost wages as a result. It will also help those who didn’t fall ill but worried each day that they might infect their loved ones like I did. When every pay check counts for frontline workers delaying much needed relief is a slap in the face for Minnesotans who sacrificed and put their health on the line," said Dr. Sarah Lawrence, Internist in Rochester,

As of now – lawmakers have yet to agree on who should receive checks or how much funds they will get.