Communities in Rochester cleaning up after Tuesday’s fast moving storm

(ABC 6 News) – Tuesday night’s storms rolled in quickly and did quite a bit of damage across Rochester.

"It was becoming really dark, but with no warning. The wind and the rain just picked up and hit right away," said the Executive Director of the Civic League Day Nursery Jackie Benoit-Petrich. "I just saw this white swirling mist swirling around and around the house. It only lasted two to three minutes here I think, but it was a wind like I had not seen before."

Heavy rain, hail and high winds uprooted trees and downed power lines, and members of the day center spent Wednesday morning cleaning up debris.

"We had a massive beautiful ash tree that fell onto the power lines, Jackie added.

At the height of the storm Rochester Public Utilities was reporting over 3-thousand customers were without power.

One Rochester family said they didn’t lose power, they lost a lot more.

While the family of eight was getting ready for dinner a large tree came down on the house, crushing most of the second floor.

Desiree said the frame of the house was actually fractured by the impact of the tree, and right now they have no idea how much that will cost to repair.