What the Tech? Back-to-School Gadgets

(ABC 6 News) – Students are headed off to college soon and there are a few things they’re going to need. Sure, you’ve probably already thought about sheets, bedspread, pillow, and if they’re lucky a mini-fridge. They also need a few things to help with schoolwork.

A laptop is just one tool every kid is going to need to take off to college but today’s laptops need accessories.

To build thin laptops manufacturers had to cut out a few things, like ports. Many computers have just one or two which needs to be more. A USB-C hub plugs into one of the laptop ports and adds connections for other things. These can add 2 standard USBs, an HDMI, and SD and micro-SD card slots. These are necessary for adding photos and videos they shoot with a camera. Some hubs have up to 9 connections.

There may be a shortage of electrical plugs in dorms. Anker and other manufacturers offer sleek desktop power strips to add plugs and charging ports for phones. Look for desktop hubs with fast-speed charging for phones using the USB-Lightning cable.

They probably need a portable hard drive or flash drive for projects and files. These come in all sizes, storage-wise. The Kingston Iron Key vault protects the data by requiring a passcode whenever it’s connected to a computer. Even if they misplace it, no one else can open the files without the code.

Working on a laptop really causes neck strain. Laptop stands bring the screen to eye level for study sessions and video calls back home. These stands are small enough to fit in a backpack. Pair it with a wireless keyboard to make it easier to use.

Dorms are noisy so a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones can keep their minds on homework instead of a snoring or partying roommate.

Headphones may be the single most important device they’ll have at school besides a laptop and phone. Make sure they’re noise-canceling. The thing about headphones, is there a lot more comfortable than earbuds.