What the Tech? App of the day: Mubi

(ABC 6 News) – If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, or some of the other streaming services you could have over 40,000 movie choices. Sounds awesome, but how many times do you sit in front of the TV with the remote in hand, scrolling for hours looking for something to watch? Another streaming service may actually be better for true movie fans.

Instead of thousands of movies to choose from, Mubi offers only 30. Mubi is a streaming service for film lovers looking for something different. Every day, Mubi adds one movie to their selections while another movie rotates off giving users just 30 titles to choose from. As a result, users have 30 days to watch a film before it’s removed from the service for at least a little while. You won’t find the same blockbusters and tired classics that you find elsewhere again and again (how many times can you watch “Wedding Crashers”?) Mubi movies, or films really, are curated by Mubi’s staff of experts.

Remember those days of walking into a Blockbuster and seeing movie recommendations from an employee who’d seen everything? That’s sort of like Mubi. Most films are titles you’ve never heard of and they never hit your nearby theater. There are documentaries, foreign films, Independent pictures, Sundance favorites, and a few old films from recently released vaults unavailable on any other streaming service. You don’t have to just watch in the Mubi smartphone app. There are Mubi apps for Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. In addition to many popular smart TV brands. Is Mubi for everyone? Probably not. Casual movie fans just looking for something to watch may be fine with what they have now. Mubi doesn’t compete with Netflix and the rest. It’s a compliment intended for fans of great cinema.

Mubi is $13 a month or $99 for an entire year. It offers a free 7-week trial.