Prep of the Week: Kaaleem Reiland

(ABC 6 News) — Kingsland football is all about the run.

Yes, the pass too, but the knights can definitely rumble their way down the field. Former Prep of the Week Beau Wiersma, the Knights’ stud running back is proof of that.

But in placing sophomore Kaaleem Reiland as the team’s starting quarterback, the Knights have been even deadlier on the ground.

“Just getting everyone involved, I mean I have a lot of trust in our wide receivers now,” Reiland said of his efforts this season. “Trust in our running back, in our line. I can’t make plays without our line without our offensive guys being the stars that they are.”

Reiland was thrust into the quarterback role as a freshman a year ago due to the original starter’s injury. It was a temporary role that is now all his to keep. He’s taken off with it, using his speed to help the Knights rack up high numbers on offense.

“Drive the ball down the field, leading the offense and like last year,” Reiland continued. “Taking me a little bit — I have a year under my belt now, so I feel way more confident and everything just all around.”

“He really hasn’t brought out his full game yet, we haven’t had to use it,” Knights head coach Matt Kolling mentioned. “He’s got loose hips on him, which he can really shake tackles… It’s just going to be fun when we get into our full offense… All the pieces working completely together.”

In a 63-21 win over Red Rock Central on Sept. 9, Reiland had nearly 350 all-purpose yards and six total touchdowns through the air and on the ground. The sophomore credits his improving football IQ for being able to decipher opposing defenses.

“Just our bread and butter, so if the linemen shift or the linebackers are out of position and we’re running a certain play, it’s like ‘Okay, we got them on this one,'” Reiland stated. “Or we’re running a pass play and I see my guy got a step on them, I trust it enough to just throw it up and he’s going to make a play.”

Reiland’s eyeing every game with confidence. When he sees the field, he sees a chance to shine and he’ll charge side-by-side with his fellow shining knights as far as they can go.

“Kaaleem’s came a long ways,” Coach Kolling added. “He’s put the work in to be a better quarterback and a better leader and it’s definitely shown on Friday nights.”

“Just do the best that I can for the team (and) the team do the best they can for me,” Reiland concluded. “Just all around — we all just want to be great and get to the next level.”

The Knights host Grand Meadow this Friday at 7 p.m.