Brian Voigt on taking Upper Iowa Baseball head coaching position

The Adams native was named Peacocks head coach on July 17.

(ABC 6 News) — Adams native Brian Voigt is poised to take the reigns of Upper Iowa Baseball next season.

In a conversation with ABC 6 Sports Reporter Jose Solis, Voigt discussed how his experience playing for and being an assistant for the Riverland Blue Devils helped shaped his coaching style through lessons and experience.

“The biggest thing especially starting there,” the former Southland Rebel explained. “Coming back was the relationship piece of things. You know, not being far removed from the same age as a lot of the players, you can have a personal relationship with the players and still be able to coach them hard in practice and doing that.”

“That was definitely the way of learning from Scott Koenigs and my uncle for Southland,” Voigt continued. “Playing for him and getting to learn that kind of style that he did was a huge takeaway that really makes coming to practice really enjoyable every day.”

Voigt also added the new role allows him to stay closer to home. In turn, that has provided help for recruiting as Voigt has his eyes set on some Southeast Minnesota athletes in college. However, nothing is official as of right now.