Olmsted County Public Health reminds families to test homes for radon

(ABC 6 News) – January is National Radon Action Month and Olmsted County Public Health Services is reminding residents to test their homes for this potentially dangerous gas.

Radon is an invisible and odorless gas that occurs naturally in rocks, soil, and water. 

Radon gas decays into fine radioactive particles. When inhaled, these fine particles can damage the lungs. 

Radon is recognized as the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Olmsted County Public Health is making kits to test your home available.   

“They set that out in their home and usually they set it in the lowest lived-in level for about 4 to 7 days then they return the kit and they like it to be returned within tow weeks. Then we analyze that and get the result back to them in a couple of days,” said OCPHS Environmental Health Lab Manager Lauri Clements.

Clements said approximately half of all homes in Olmsted County have radon levels above the EPA action level, due to our karst geology and how our homes are closed up or heated most of the year.

Residents can request a kit online from OCPHS for $24.

Once a kit is reserved, it can be picked up from OCPHS at 2100 Campus Drive SE in Rochester.