North Iowa law enforcement braces for major winter storm

(ABC 6 News) – A major winter storm is on its way and law enforcement is preparing to be on standby for drivers attempting to brave driving conditions.

But officials say to be careful, and consider a plan B in the upcoming days.

Many are doing their best to prepare for near-impossible driving conditions with this storm, including the Iowa State Patrol, who says they’re in for a long couple of days as this storm settles in.

The Iowa State Patrol is ensuring that all troopers are ready and available to help people as they attempt to navigate the roads.

But they do have a message: “driving is at your own risk, and dangerous for everyone involved.”

“If people do become stranded, call 911 and let us know where you’re at but also know that it may be a while before somebody gets to you. If at all,” explained Trooper Tom Williams.

The Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s office is also preparing for this storm and they are doing exactly the public should be doing.

Making sure cars are filled with gas, being aware of the roads you are driving on and what those road conditions are, and being prepared for whatever this storm brings

“This storm has the potential to be life threatening. Hopefully, people will get their traveling done before the bulk of the weather gets here and then hopefully most people will wait until the storm subsides and the roads if they have been closed, open back up,” Chief Deputy David Hepperly said.

“If you are attempting to drive anywhere over the next few days, it is essential that you have an emergency kit including water, chargers and extra blankets in the vehicle in case of an emergency situtaiton.

The Iowa State Patrol also wants to remind anyone caught in those situations should stay in your vehicle and do not try to flag anyone down and wait for help.