MnDOT gears up for Highway 52 projects

(ABC 6 News) – Officials are gearing up for a number of improvement projects to Highway 52. In two weeks the Zumbrota to Cannon Falls project will begin its final year of construction.

But there are still more projects to come.

In 2027, MnDOT plans to resurface Highway 52 near the Highway 60 interchange near Rochester.

Before that, they are looking for feedback to what else they can improve.

During a public meeting Monday evening, one concern from the public was flooding and making the stretch of road safer for drivers.

“We’re looking at more climate resiliency and trying to raise that section of road, so it doesn’t over flow and flood in the future. So, we are also studying that as well and that piece is also not funded but that’s part of our effort here,” Principal Project Manager Jai Kalsy said.

“We’re in this early time frame of asking those question, taking a look. We will take that feedback and refine our designs and start building those concepts until about 2026. We need to have a final package and know what we’re going to do and get it ready for construction.,” District 6 Public Engagement Coordinator Cindy Mogan explained.

Morgan said they only have the funding to resurface the highway, but they hope in time they will receive additional funding.

To learn more information about Highway 52 projects and how to get involved, visit HERE.