College credit for students first language

(ABC 6 News) – Students at Austin High school are getting the chance to get college credit for the languages they speak at home every day.

Its called the Minnesota Bilingual Seals program, and for many kids a great test score can make all the difference for their future.

Students that fluently speak any language other than English are eligible to take the test.

Austin high school officials say with a community as diverse as theirs it’s important that kids see all different kinds of languages and cultures being embraced on an academic level.

“Its incredibly important to recognize students who are able to speak more than one language. we really value diversity here and we want to make sure that students understand that their literacy skills their language skills in other languages are really valuable and important,” Equity Coordinator, Kristi Beckman explained.

About thirty students took the test this week — some students we spoke with saying this meant so much to them and their families.