They’re back! The Creepy Dolls Contest returns for its 5th year with ‘Murder at the ‘Masquerade’

(ABC 6 News) – It’s the time of year many of us look forward to, Halloween. For some, the fun begins with the History Center of Olmsted County’s annual Creepy Dolls Contest. This year, the theme is ‘Murder at the Masquerade.’

Blair, the winner of last year’s contest has been murdered during a masquerade at the Chateau Theatre. There are five different suspects, but who could it be?

The Doctor – Dr. Martin Dolor

Dr. Martin Dolor is often seen at Blair’s parties and is the personal doctor of many of her guests. Rumour has it, that after an argument with Grandma Ada, Blair dropped him as her doctor. His possible motive could be revenge for Blair taking away business from him.

The Bartender – Charley Arquette

Charley Arquette has been a bartender for Blair for many years. He was engaged to socialite Estella Congreve but left her at the altar. One guest claims they overheard him flirting with Blair and she rejected him. Maybe he wants revenge for her rejecting his love.

The Neighbor – Ada Nadel, “Grandma Ada”

Grandma Ada is Blair’s next-door neighbor. Blair had wanted her to move to a nursing home so she could buy Ada’s property to expand her own home. The rivalry between these two neighbors could be the reason Blair was murdered.

The Bride – Estella Congreve

Estella was left at the altar by Charley, Blair’s bartender. Witnesses at the party say she did see Charley flirting with Blair and that jealousy could be a reason to kill Blair.

The Cousin – Poppy Hanscom

Poppy is a master gardener and Blair’s cousin. In charge of the gardens at Blair’s estate, It’s possible she killed Blair knowing she would get Blair’s money and estate if something happened to her.

When will we know who the killer is? Friday, October 13th. The History Center is hosting an eerie evening at the Chateau Theatre. The event will include a dinner, cash bar (hosted by Bleu Duck Kitchen), costume contest, live painting, a DJ, and more. The 18+ event is from 7 to 10 p.m. $35 for regular admission and $30 for HCOC members.

As for who the creepiest doll is, you’ll have to wait until Halloween to find out who that is. If you can’t make it to the event on the 13th, that is also when you’ll find out who murdered Blair.

All the dolls donated are connected to Olmsted County donors.