Turning the Trend: Record number of Americans died by suicide in 2022

(ABC 6 News) – According to the latest information released by the Centers for Disease Control, 49,449 Americans took their own lives in 2022, an increase of 2.6%.

The latest dating shows a soaring number of suicides committed by Americans ages 65 and older, up 8.1% during that time. This, while adults age 45 through 64 increased by 6.6%.

To help turn this startling new trend, ABC Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Jen Ashton says we need to have open conversations with those around us about mental health.

“All of us need to know, and we need to teach our children this, that if you or someone you know is struggling that there is a 24-hour lifeline available to text or call,” says Ashton.

“Just as we ask how someone is feeling physically, we need to ask how they’re feeling mentally and psychologically and emotionally. And you should feel comfortable and confident to ask someone if they are having thoughts of harming themselves.”

For 24-hour a day, confidential mental health help you can call or text 988.