Sled hockey fundraiser for Rochester Mustangs

(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester Mustangs is an adaptive hockey team that allows those with a wide range of disabilities to compete.

Founded in 2015, they are the first sled hockey team in Rochester but one of many in Minnesota.

They had a fundraiser to welcome the community onto the ice to learn more about them.

The Rochester Grizzlies and Saint Mary’s University Cardinals were in attendance to help out.

“One of the biggest strengths of hockey is its community,” Rochester Mustangs head coach Justin McClanahan said.

People of all ages took to the ice at Graham Arena to try their hand at sled hockey.

“They’ve been showing me how to move around with the sticks and how to use the sled and how to move around the arena,” Rochester Mustangs player Aaron Songsted said.

Participants would sit inside a sled that’s being balanced by two blades and use two hockey sticks to not only swing at pucks but to propel them.

Sled hockey requires core control and balance, but players say it’s fun when you get the hang of it.

The Rochester Grizzlies and Saint Mary’s Cardinals were enjoying themselves and making sure they could help others do the same.

“Anyone that wants can come get on a sled and try it out and just appreciate how good these athletes are after being on a sled and seeing how hard it really is,” Trevor Schroder of the Saint Mary’s Cardinals said.

Interaction with the community is something the Grizzlies and Cardinals say they won’t ever take for granted.

Kids were on the ice, skating with players from both team and say they had fun as well.

“It really just puts in perspective like how grateful we are to play this game that we all love so much so it means a lot that we get to help them out,” Tate Cothern of the Rochester Grizzlies said.

The Mustangs appreciated all the help and exposure they received and they’re looking for their program to grow in the future.

They hope with this fundraiser it will get the word out to those who may be interested.

To learn more about the Rochester Mustangs, click HERE.