RPS budget cut proposal expected to be voted on Tuesday

(ABC 6 News) – There are hundreds of students in the Rochester Public Schools district. To keep everything smooth sailing, it takes a lot of money.

Tuesday, the Rochester Public School Board could decide whether they need to make cuts for a balanced budget.

RPS is looking to cut more than 140 positions with no more than 10 employees being laid off. Others will be moved to other positions.

This means class sizes are expected to increase by one. For example, if a kindergarten class has a maximum of 19 students, it will now have a maximum of 20.

As part of the budget, there would be fewer custodians. To help, RPS has bought a number of Roombas to help with cleaning but the Roombas will not replace custodians completely.

The finalized budget is expected to be voted on Tuesday night. The meeting starts at 5:30 in the Board Room of the Edison Administration Building.