Roundabout on Highway 57 finished after months of construction

Good news for Kasson commuters as the three new roundabouts on Highway 57 are finally complete.

Two of them are near downtown Kasson, and the third is near the high school.
The project’s completion isn’t just good news for drivers, but for business owners along Highway 57.
Tammy’s place opened in Kasson in late February and has had to deal with Highway 57 construction for most of the time it’s been open.

“We’re not sure if it completely inconvenienced us because we had nothing to compare it to.” said co-owner Travis Dee. “But it will be nice to have it open attract the flow of traffic. The detours went west of us a couple blocks so we’re hoping now, people go through the round about, they see us they see the flow of traffic and just pop in.”

The total cost of the project totaled $7.8 million